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Bubble Heights is a 3D Puzzle Platformer game about Coral, a brave young girl exploring the ruins of an ancient civilisation. She is looking for a magical artefact that has the power to save her village.

While looking for the magical artefact, she will solve puzzles and face enemies. To overcome all these obstacles, she has to use her magic gauntlet that shoots giant water bubbles. Coral can create new paths and defeat enemies with the help of these bubbles.

Embark on this thrilling adventure with Coral and find the magical artefact!



Guillem Arrojo - Gameplay Programmer

Veronika Bolshakova - Gameplay Programmer, Technical Artist

Alex Busquets - 3D Artist

Pol Casas - Gameplay Programmer

Joan Mora - Producer, Game Designer

Josep Nubiola - Composer

  • josep.nubiola@gmail.com

Alex Rodriguez - Game & Level Designer

Javier Sagalés - 3D Artist, Animator

Carla Vegas - UI Artist, 2D Artist


Download Instructions

  1.  Download the .zip
  2.  Decompress
  3.  Execute BubbleHeights.exe


BubbleHeightsV6.zip 698 MB


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Didn’t know Bubble Bobble had a sequel

Game look good, Artstyle is nice for the eye.

I liked the bauble mechanic I could see it being expanded on even more.

Game is really badly optimized, when I look in a certain direction frames drop from 60 to 15. Changing resolution doesn't help at all.

Where there is first time that enemy that just get stunned and that button I thought I needed to shot the enemy when its on the button so the platform would activate, and I was surprised and disappointed that I just needed to stand on a button once for platform to start working.

Game lucks sound effects like:

Collecting shells, that electrical things could make some buzzing sound and also sound when you successfully connect two, walking on a button should make a sound, opening door should make a sound etc. I always think that adding sound particle effects to as may things as possible is a good idea.(as long as sounds are not annoying)

I would add some camera lag, because camera is very stiff at the moment,

I also really appreciate Funny cat pictures in the credits :D

Overall quite good job, keep it up.

Thank you for the feedback! We are working on the optimization.